Fractura del capitellum humeral

2020-01-19 04:16

In human anatomy of the arm, the capitulum of the humerus is a smooth, rounded eminence on the lateral portion of the distal articular surface of the humerus. It articulates with the cupshaped depression on the head of the radius, and is limited to the front and lower part of the bone. . In nonhuman tetrapods, the name capitellum is generally used, with capitulum limited to the anteroventralI NTRODUCTION. Capitellum fractures are rare elbow injuries accounting for less than one per cent fractures around the elbow. 1 3 A capitellum fracture is, usually, a fracture of adolescents with most cases occurring in children above 12 years of age. 4, 5 Treatment modalities vary from conservative, in the form of closed reduction and immobilization, 6, 7 fragment excision 2, 7, 8 to open fractura del capitellum humeral

Jan 10, 2014  Fractura del capitellum (eminentia capitata) Fractura de epicndilo lateral; Fracturas del cndilo medial (trclea) Fracturas de la epitrclea (epicndilo medial) Fracturas del cndilo lateral humeral IV; Fracturas del cndilo lateral humeral III; Fracturas del cndilo lateral humeral II; Fracturas del cndilo lateral humeral

Aug 31, 2019 Vdeo Completo Demostracin. Videoteca quirrgica Mas vdeos en Fracturas del extremo distal del hmero en adultos. bow, and specifically fractures of the distal humerus in adults, are still a challenge for orthopedic surgeons. Modern techniques of open reduction and internal fixation provide a stable structure which allows for early postoperative motion. las fracturas del capitellum generalmente fractura del capitellum humeral can also be used when concomitant medial sided injuries andor distal humeral fractures require more fixation lateral decubitus positioning longposterior based incision along the elbow

(OBQ13. 246) A 27yearold male motorcyclist suffers a crash sustaining an isolated right distal humerus fracture. He was treated nonoperatively. Ten months later, he returns complaining of limited range of motion and continued pain. fractura del capitellum humeral solo el capitellum est fracturado con poco o nada de extensin en la troclea; Tipo 2: KocherLorenz el cartlago articular del capitellum est avulsionado con una pequea parte del hueso subcondral. Tipo 3: BrobergMorrey fractura conminuta del capitellum; Tratamiento Reduccin abierta y

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