Poker hands per hour

2020-01-28 22:15

This is a discussion on Hands per hour online vs Live within the online poker forums, in the Online Poker section; Say I average 65 hands online an hour in Tourney play. Would anybody know whatHow many hands per hour in poker? Online you will play around 75 hands per hour on a 6max table and about 62 hands per hour on a 9max table. In online fast fold games like Zoom, Zone, or Snap you will play 200 to 250 hands per table hour. Live poker players will typically average 25 hands per hour. poker hands per hour

So how many HandsHours on average do you guys put into poker every day? For me it's usually around 4 hours2250 hands per day on average playing at 10nl 6 max doing 9 tables at a time.

May 10, 2016 I doubt hands per hour would ever get above 35 with this happening. Also agree with the posts that fewer hands per hour isn't necessarily a bad thing. Tons of action plays slower. 25 hands of high action is much better than 45 hands with the blinds chopping once an orbit. Jul 11, 2016 I mentioned Frank Kneeland earlier, I think he has claimed to play over 2000 hands per hour, accurately. But he's a special person. Like Rain Man, only not that weird. Well, maybe a little weird. He's super smart, and super fast. Like one of those court stenographers. Do you know him or have you ever seen him play? poker hands per hour The number of hands you are dealt per hour can have a big impact on your overall profit because as a winning poker player more hands equals more money. The number of hands per hour in online poker is also very important when figuring out your rakeback or how long it will take to clear any bonuses.

Ask the Wizard# 136 I realize that decisions per hour in games like blackjack and craps can depend heavily on factors like the number of other players at the table, the hand shuffle vs. machine shuffle, shooter and dealer speed. poker hands per hour For instance: if he wants to get 3, 000 hands and plays at 11 6max tables it should take him 3 hours. 6max game gives us 90 hands per hour. 90 x 11 tables 990. 990 x 3 hours 2970 poker hands. Number of hands you play per hour can have a big impact on your winrate.

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