Homemade usb h shifter

2020-01-23 01:28

Newly developed manual shifter with fantastic feeling of realism. Check out 'New Full Metal USB HShifter for pc Sim Racing' on Indiegogo.Jan 07, 2013 Homemade Hshifter (6R) and clutch. Update: I improved the clutch with a wooden case and stronger springs. The controlling board is a old PScontroller we had in the basement, and mostly all of homemade usb h shifter

Feb 18, 2012 homemade PC H shifter for driving simulator. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

please make a video of this gearbox( H Shifter ) for the viewers to make the gearbox more easily. Even I am finding it difficult to make the gearbox through images. So I request you make a video and post on youtube or please share with me on my email id: homemade usb h shifter

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