Planning a weekend in new york city

2020-01-24 04:10

Answer 1 of 10: Heading to NYC this weekend for a spur of the moment trip with husband. Arrive after lunch Friday, head home late afternoon Sunday. We're staying 12 a block from Macy's. The only thing planned is The Christmas Spectacular at RCMH SaturdayJul 03, 2019  Planning a weekend in NYC, but unsure what to do and where to go to maximize your time? As theres so much to see and do in New York City, it can be difficult knowing where to go first. planning a weekend in new york city

Planning Thanksgiving Weekend In New York City Brianne Manz. Stroller in the City. There is nothing more exciting than the start of the holiday season hustle and bustle in New York City. Ive lived here my entire life, and I can tell you the magic never gets old. With so many festive things to see and do with kids, its the most magical

New York City is the place to see and do everythingincluding some of the worlds most famous recurring events. Whether youre planning a visit next week or next year, the list will help you find whats happening during your stay. More Info New York City is an iconic vacation destination but it can also be overwhelming to visit. Whether you want to spend a week or just a couple of days, planning your trip is important. Let's explore the best the city has to offer, learn a few travel tips, and find out how to make the most of your trip. planning a weekend in new york city

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