Guppy bottom of tank

2020-01-21 02:35

My male guppy is sitting at the bottom of the tank all day and moves infrequently I noticed my male guppy was sitting at the bottom of the tank. He seemed to be struggling to stay afloat, like he was too weak or something!Guppy is laying on the bottom of the tank. I've had this guppy for about a year and he has had no problems until a few days ago. At first I noticed he was at the bottom of the tank and when he tried to swim up, he slowly sank back down. guppy bottom of tank

Jun 06, 2019  The reasons behind guppy fish laying at the bottom of the tank can range from aquarium issues to pregnancy. To help you identify the exact cause of your guppies laying at the bottom of the aquarium, Im going to list all the possible causes and reasons why this usually happens.

Jun 11, 2019  Hello, I have a female blue Fancy Guppy that has been staying at the bottom of the right side of the tank for most of the day. I understand that this is not normal behavior for a Guppy. She isnt breathing heavily or have a bulged stomach. Nov 12, 2008 One of my male guppies is lying on the bottom of the tank gasping . He doesn't seem to be flashing or rubbing and there are no other outward signs of sickness. When bumped by me or another fish he will move but then quickly sinks back to the bottom. I have gone to daily water changes and I'm not sure that this is really helping. guppy bottom of tank Guppies Swimming at Top Yesterday, I got 3 guppies (1 male, 2 female) and ever since I put them in the tank, they have just been swimming at the top of the tank. The male is a little more adventurous and will wander around the tank sometimes, but then return straight to the top with his ladies.

Sep 10, 2008 My male guppy has been acting weird the past couple of days. He just sits on the bottom of the tank, motionless (except for the breathing motions). He has no other signs of illness. When I stick my finger near him or if one of the females bumps into him, he wakes up and starts behaving normally. guppy bottom of tank Mar 22, 2010 I have a male guppy. I notice that it keeps staying at the bottom of the tank today and it's gills and mouth are moving very fast (seems like it is breathing more rapidly than usual). So I transfer him out of my big tank and isolate him. I notice that he has some reddish signs under his mouth and one sugarlike particle near his mouth too. My guppy fish is lying at the bottom of tank in corners breathing heavily and not moving all that much, when she does she swims like she is struggling for short Nov 23, 2018 Hello, I have bought 4 guppies (2 female, 2 male) after getting my tank water tested by the aquarium and all results perfectly fine. 3 Days after introducing the guppies into the tank one suddenly died despite appearing perfectly healthy. I took a water sample back to the aquarium and the water came back perfect again. One of the (female) guppy sits still on the bottom of the tank and doesn't

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