Pf9 vs p11 trigger

2020-01-23 01:16

got both and like both, , , but the pf9 trigger is better. my older p11 i had to do a lite f& b. a second newer p11 worked out of the box, , just like a glock. had to do some major work on the pf9 to make it run. had to send the pf9 back to kel tec for a off center firing pin and lite strikes.Sep 18, 2017 I love my new model pf9 trigger is better fit is a little better the molding is better as well. p11 has a stiffer trigger is wider and not worth the scale down over a g26 pf9 vs p11 trigger

Compare the dimensions and specs of KelTec PF9 and KelTec P11

Mar 23, 2011 Keltec pf9 vs. keltec p11? Though the PF9 has a better trigger. Cost: PF9 is cheaper. Easier to conceal: PF9. Slimmer and lighter. High cap mags for PF9: Not that I'm aware of. For pocket carry I'd say the PF9 is just on the edge of being small enough and the P11 just on the edge of being too big. (really depends on your clothes) Oct 05, 2016 KelTec P11 With Extension. The KelTec P11 is small, and while its size is one of its many attractions, it could pose a problem as far as grip is concerned. If you are interested in using the P11, but seem to have some trouble with the grip, you can always solve that issue by adding an extension. pf9 vs p11 trigger We are your Ruger SR9, SR40, SR9c, SR40c, SR22, SR45 and LC9, LCP performance parts source. As well as the source for Smith and Wesson, Sig, KelTec, Taurus, and Glock pistol performance parts.

Oct 04, 2013  I have had A Northwood Aluminum Trigger installed in my KelTec PF9. This video records my first shots with the new trigger and my first impressions. The trigger delivers some trigger pf9 vs p11 trigger Jan 22, 2011  Trigger. The PF9s trigger is not great. Its steady but the takeup is too long. I had the P11 first. A tack driver but the trigger and reassembly were like a long WWE wrestling match. I then bought the PF9. Jazzed it up with the northwoods trigger, Galloway guide rod and sights from twisted industries. Took it to the range and it Feb 15, 2010 I've narrowed it down to the Pf9 and the P11, biith are 9mm, similar in size, appear to be easily concealable ( which is a must for work reasons). PF9 seems to have slightly better trigger. If you must conceal in dress pants the flatter PF9 gets the vote. KelTec Pf9 vs P11. Anybody have an opinion? I use a PF9 as my main carry gun Best KEL TEC P11 Upgrade for KEL TEC P11 Reliability and Superior Performance! Custom KEL TEC P11 Accessories to Improve KEL TEC P11 Parts for Competition Level Performance! Custom KEL TEC P11 9mm Accessories by Combat Veterans! Get a Smoother KEL TEC P11 Trigger Upgrade for Best Performance and Accuracy! New KEL TEC P11 Aftermarket Parts from MCARBO include the KEL TEC P11 Trigger Jul 17, 2013 KelTec PF9 vs P11 I was thinking I wanted the P11 because of the extra shots, but after handling both, the trigger pull on the P11 was 10 times harder that of the PF9. Now I know neither one is known for a good trigger, but the P11 was ridiculous.

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