Reasons to amputate your leg

2020-01-27 17:48

An abovetheknee amputation is surgery to remove your leg above the knee. Your doctor removed the leg while keeping as much healthy bone, skin, blood vessel, and nerve tissue as possible. After an abovetheknee leg amputation, you will probably have bandages, a rigid dressing, or a cast over the remaining part of your leg (residual limb).Jul 31, 2015  Amputation has many causes. An amputation is a serious surgical procedure. There are many reasons someone might need an amputation, and about 2 million Americans have undergone the procedure, according to the Amputee Coalition. Lets look at what can lead to amputation: reasons to amputate your leg

More than 80 percent of amputations begin with foot ulcers. A nonhealing ulcer that causes severe damage to tissues and bone may require surgical removal (amputation) of a toe, foot or part of a leg. Some people with diabetes are more at risk than others. Factors that lead to an increased risk of an amputation include:

Aug 11, 2016  Diabetes and Amputation: Why Its Done and How to Prevent It PAD causes your blood vessels to narrow and reduces blood flow to your legs and feet. It Reasons for Amputation There are many reasons for amputation, including traumatic injury and disease. Read this article to discover several other reasons for amputation. Generally, amputations are performed on portions of the arm or leg and are termed upper extremity or lower extremity amputations reasons to amputate your leg Causes of Amputation. can also recognize the signs and symptoms of diseases that may lead to an amputation based on the general appearance of your hand or leg. An affected limb with a change in skin color to red or black may be gangrene, which may indicate the need for an amputation.

In this Article. Amputation is the surgical removal of all or part of a limb or extremity such as an arm, leg, foot, hand, toe, or finger. About 1. 8 million Americans are living with amputations. Amputation of the leg either above or below the knee is the most common amputation surgery. reasons to amputate your leg Leg or foot amputation is the removal of a leg, foot or toes from the body. These body parts are called extremities. Amputations are done either by surgery or they occur by accident or trauma to the body. The following are statistics from various sources about the causes of Amputation: 0. 7 of diabetics had a lower limb amputation in Australia 2002 (Australias Health 2004, AIHW) 60 of nontraumatic lowerlimb amputations occur among diabetics in the US 2001 (National Diabetes Statistics fact Leg Amputation. When you have a blockage or narrowing of the arteries supplying your legs, the circulation to your legs is reduced. You may have developed pain in your foot or feet waking you at night, ulceration, or black areas on your toes, feet or leg.

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