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Feb 19, 2012  247 The Passion of Life ist ein provokantpoetischer Film ber die Angst vor uns selbst, die Angst uns selbst zu begegnen im Spiegel unserer Leidenschaften im247 THE PASSION OF LIFE. a film by Roland Reber Germany 2005, erotic drama, 115 min, rated 18 A wild mlange of poetry and obscenity located somewhere between Jess Franco and Peter Greenaway (Sddeutsche Zeitung) A poetic Odyssey through 24/7 the passion of life film

247: The Passion of Life is a German movie from 2005, so this one is already over a decade old and don't be fooled by the English title as it is exclusively in the German language. The director is Roland Reber and he also wrote the script together with his wife and lead actress Mira Gittner.

247: The Passion of Life is a German film directed by Roland Reber. It was released in 2006. External links. 247: The Passion of Life on IMDb; 247 The Passion of Life Film Homepage; This article related to a German film of the 2000s is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it Feb 16, 2006 Directed by Roland Reber. With Mira Gittner, Marina Anna Eich, Christoph Baumann, Michael Burkhardt. A woman wants to know more about sexuality, especially about Femdom, Feminisation, Exhibitionism, the way to find your identity 24/7 the passion of life film Fascinated by the bizarre world of Lady Maria, Eve begins to search for her own identity and sexuality and goes on an odyssey through the hidden locations of lust dominatrix studio, swinger club, striptease bar and meets other people torn between their desires: Dominik, who wants to empathize with the life and suffering of Jesus, and Mike

Apr 11, 2014 Homepage: www. 247derfilm. de 247 The Passion of Life, a provocativepoetic journey through the realms of sexuality, loneliness and the lustfull agony of being. German cult movie! on DVD. 24/7 the passion of life film

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