Gd niliria live sausage

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Aug 07, 2016 Maybe he just hungry then he need some sausage. Skip navigation Sign in. MISTAKE LYRICS NILIRIA BY GDRAGON Paramitha W Azzahra Jinwoo sing Who You to GD Duration: 5: 35. Kim HanbinAug 30, 2013  2013 8 29 GDRAGON with Missy Elliott Niliria by GDRAGON with Missy [email protected] Mnet Mcountdown airs every Thursday 6pm(KST) Enjoy livestreaming gd niliria live sausage

Sep 30, 2013  I cut the last part of the song to avoid copyrights. GDragon () Niliria () GDragon Ver. Lyrics English Translation& Romanized

GDRAGON hot like a heated pot This is hiphop, rappin to our country's folk song Hurrah, hurray, well done 1 I'm going back to reality Ay we gon celebrate every freakin day Turn up the corners of your mouth with a smile, yeah Yoheaveho2, now follow me Hoist it up with this exciting tune You For Hire NEW. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commissionfree in our professional marketplace. gd niliria live sausage Oct 07, 2017  Romanized Version GDRAGON hot ddeugeoun naembi igeoseun hiphap urinara minyoe rappin eolssigu jeolssigu jaldo norananda hyeonsillo naega doraganda Ay we gon celebrate every freakin day ib ggori ollyeo ssik jjogaemyeonseo yeah eogiya dieocha ja nareul ddarahae heunggyeoun garage matchwo henggarae jal an boineun nae koppaegi nae wichineun jeongsang ggokdaegi hamburo

Niliria is a song by Kpop musician GDragon, featuring American recording artist Missy Elliott from GDragon's second studio album, Coup d'Etat (2013). To date, it remains as one of the six songs from the album to enter the top ten on South Korea's Gaon Singles Chart. gd niliria live sausage Gdragon feature missy rappin And I'm snappin and I get crackin When Im in the booth Im blackin Yall just yappin yall just yappin We just laughing I got hits hits hits like a tennis racket Big bang clap it In another bracket Racks on rack it If the track is hot then missy smash it Party crash tragic Buss it like a prophylactic Tactics man this aint no practice Copycats u swagger jacking

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