Parents like sibling better

2020-01-29 10:28

Whats Up with My Parents Giving My Sisters Special Treatment? be better. I feel like this when are my parents going to realize i need love and attention to. my parents are not treatingOkay my brother is ten and im 14 and he always gets treated like he is better than me, like when I was 9 he threw a water gun at my head and he got timeout for 5 minutes actualy he got up at three minutes and didnt even get in trouble and I got grounded for 4 weeks. parents like sibling better

And I understand it can be very frustrating to think like our parents treat our brothers or sisters better than us, but 'course sometimes we just have to understand. Or talk to our parents about how we feel and see what they have to say. Related Questions: Why do my parents treat my sister better than me? My father is having an extramarital

Oct 29, 2016  This one was overly obvious when you were little. If your sibling is the favorite, then its guaranteed they would have been able to commit a string of terrible events and your parents would have looked the other way. Well, maybe not certain things, but Mar 05, 2009 i feel like my parents love my brother more if my brother kills himself they will blame me like once my brother was screaming in the mall for pizza my mom told me its your fault. and i didn't go to school today but i wanted to and my mom grounded me for 2 weeks but my brother didn't go to school because he was sleepy and im sleepy everyday he gets a hug and everyday puts my brother gets 10 parents like sibling better May 11, 2019 My sister used to always tell me that I have awefull hair and breath and from the age of 13 to 18 she has always found some way to make me feel like a loser. I lived with my sister while her

Mar 17, 2016 You were an only child for 5 years and you admit that is a long time. I may be wrong but I would assume that your parents liked you a great deal during that time. Was there any indication that they did not? Now you have some competition and you parents like sibling better Feb 02, 2008 Ok so i'm not the perfect child and all like I've never had perfect grades and my dad gets pist. my sister is always perfect to the eyes of my parents, like today, she's been sick for a week and she mistakenley forgot to take out her selphone out of her jacket before being washed and got washed, now this selphone was new and when my mom found out about the selphone my parents didnt do Sep 08, 2011 For this week's video I talked with several teenagers, adults, parents and YouTubers about how to handle a situation where you feel like your parents like your sibling more than you. What can you I feel like my parents prefer my sibling over me. What can I do? i feel like my parents like my sister so much better then me. . and when i feel like that, i remind myself that my friends are just my chosen family and they love me unconditionally exactly how i am in this exact moment. I do felt that my parents prefer my sibling May 10, 2013  My parents treat my children as they did me as secondclass, lessvalued people but seem to dote on my brothers' children. They don't seem to notice but it's so painful for me

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