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2020-01-26 01:32

Jul 27, 2011  The Century Arms International (Wise Lite Arms) Sterling Sporters magazine employs a complex roller system to ensure smooth feeding of ammunition. By todays standards, the Sterling mags are a heavy, overengineered affair. While robust and reliable, the design is by its very nature expensive to manufacture, and therefore obsolete.We acquired two historical and technically interesting firearms for this test. The guns were the 9mm Wise Lite Arms Sterling L2A3 9mm, about 500, and the Inter OrdnancePioneer Arms PPS43C Pistol chambered in 7. 62x25 Tokarev, also in the 500 range. wise lite arms sterling

Oct 01, 2010  Re: Century Wise Lite Sterling 9mm Carbine Im very impressed with the total quality of the build on these little carbines, hats off to Wise Lite. But theres a catch that concerns me; Wise Lite is showing some signs that are disconcerting.

Jan 01, 2007 Description: This is the new Wise Lite Arms Sterling Sporter rifle in 9mm with 16 barrel, two 34 round magazines and manual. WLA takes a Sterling parts kit and builds a new gun with their barrel and receiver. It has a nice new black crackle finish like the original and is a very true to form semiauto version of the original British submachine gun. This Sterling was built by Wise Lite Arms out of Boyd, Texas with a fine reputation for quality. The Sporter is in excellent condition and functions just fine. The Wise Lite Sterling Sporter has a 16. 125 sixgroove, U. S. manufactured barrel with a 1 in 9. 84 inch twist. The Sterlings magazine well which is welded to the receiver is an original. wise lite arms sterling Wise Lite Arms is a wellknown 07SOT2 firearms manufacturer whose products have been available through many distributors such as Cabela's and many others. Wise Lite Arms holds over 25 BATF FTD approval letters for designs and we continue to research several more possibilities for 2017 and 2018.

Unfortunately, Wise Lite Arms is no longer making the Sporter Carbine, though they do have a Sterling model with a vertical magazine still listed on their site. wise lite arms sterling Gun Report Wise Lite Arms Sterling L2A3 9mm Luger, 500. Read Gun Tests Rating and Recommendation. GUN TESTS GRADE: A The allbusiness look of the Sterling is matched by its excellent construction and perfect operation. Aug 29, 2011  The Sterling 9mm Carbine, made by Wise Lite Arms, and distributed by Century Arms International, is a unique firearm with an interesting history. Based on the Sterling submachine gun, the semiautomatic Sterling Mk IV Sporter Carbine maintains much of Wise Lite Arms, Boyd, Texas. 2K likes. Wise Lite Arms is proud to introduce our New Generation II M53 Rifle. Manufactured in America using a combination of surplus Sterling components and a newmade closedbolt semiautomatic receiver with legal length barrel. Post front and twoleaf peep rear sights, with the Sterling MK4(L2A3) nomenclature on the magazine well, cosmetic threeposition safety, checkered grip and underfolding steel buttstock. With an extra 34round Sterling magazine.

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