Percentage of convicted felons in the nfl

2020-01-23 22:13

944 rows  Current NFL ArrestDatabase NFL Football USA TODAY Convicted of misdemeanorThe NFL's fame and public scrutiny made a lot of people criticize the league and its members, but for the wrong reasons. Not every person who has been arrested is a convicted felon, and in reality, the crime percentage in the NFL is lower than in the general population. percentage of convicted felons in the nfl

Sep 25, 2019 Wow, that's a good question Sean. Living in Pittsburgh and being a Steeler fan, I'm really shocked at what's just now coming out about Antonio Brown. I'm not talking about his latest escapades, I'm talking about all the drama that was covered up b

Oct 02, 2017 Are 871 Convicted Felons Currently Playing for the NFL? A meme circulated in an effort to discredit professional athletes protesting racism contained false information. What percentage of the National Football League are convicted felons? There are many jobs available for convicted felons in Alabama. Most warehouses and auto shops hire felons. There are also percentage of convicted felons in the nfl While the percentage of AfricanAmericans in the United States stands at about 13, the percentage of players in the NFL who are AfricanAmerican is much higher.

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