Ich killed all my fish

2020-01-19 04:55

Ich killed all my fish( 4 neons) but I still have snail, now what? We are new to having fish, and I set up our aquarium and let it sit for a few days before adding fish. We purchased four neons and a golden snail, and everything seemed fine for about a week. I noticed that one of my fish had ich the other day.Oct 26, 2014 This is the second time ick has completely wiped out my 40 gallon community tank. . i used malachite green. anyway how long do i have to wait for until its safe to add fish? do i have to get the water out and completely restart? does the aquarium have to recycle again? : ( i read on the internet that ick cant surivive without fish so does that mean i can be ick free in a week or so? ich killed all my fish

Learn all about how to diagnose and treat the many types of saltwater parasites that can plague and kill marine fish in aquariums, such as White Spot (Marine Ich), Black Spot, Velvet and Clownfish Diseases, as well as other parasites like fish flukes. As with most types of parasitic diseases, time is of the essence in detecting, diagnosing and treating the affected fish.

What to do to my aquarium after ick disease killed all my fish. Don't add any new fish for 3 weeks, after that all the ich should be gone, do a large water change and a deep gravel vac. Remember you need to keep the cycle going, so keep adding fishfood to create Ammonia, just like you would if Aug 10, 2011 all my fish died from ich what do i do to clean my tank, cleaning out my tropical fish tank get rid of ich, does bleach kill ich, how to clean a fish tank after ick, how to clean a fish tank with ich, how to clean a tank after ich, how to clean fish tank after ich, how to get ick out of my ornaments, how to i clean my tank after ick, how to ich killed all my fish Jul 24, 2012 I was dosing the tank with IchX, and doing many large water changes. Things seemed to be getting a little better, since every morning she would have less cysts (although I know that the parasite could have just been dormant, since not all of the life stages of ich are visable). None of my other fish had white dots, only my prized angle fish.

Mar 10, 2008  Heavy infections cause the skin to slough off. Normally a parasite does indeed not want to kill its host, and in the wild ich doesn't. It does in aquaria though, because in the enclosed space the same fish keep on getting reinfected over and over this is not a situation the ich ich killed all my fish Nov 20, 2007 Ick killed all my fish Now how to get it out of the tank? Ich is present in all tanks, and will generally rear its head in fish that are stressed. When fish get stressed, the parasites or infections take over the fish very easily. Did you recently add any new fish to the tank? What was the water qualityammonia, nitrites, and nitrates? Feb 15, 2018 How to cure aquarium fish ich A full tank of aquarium fish was contaminated and became infected with parasites But not for long. . i beat them. Heres how! Come see me in Maryland: http Apr 20, 2012 Hiw to kill ick in a planted tank. Skip navigation How I Dealt with Ich Without Medication in My Reef Tank. Duration: 9: 46. How To Treat Ich On Fish Tested On 1, 000s Of Fish. Mar 21, 2016 ICH killed ALL my fish. . what now? ! in Freshwater Beginners forum Hello friends, About a couple of weeks ago my fish contracted a very aggressive ich infection. I tried everything. Nothing worked. I've

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