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2020-01-28 23:52

Dec 28, 2018  Hey everyone. My english isnt very good, but I try to explayin you my Problem. I have installed KW, many Animation Mods for KW, some NRAAS Mods, a. s. o. When i click on my Bed with my female Sim, there is the Option in Woohoo Alone Take selfie while rubbing pussy on bed. IA cc finds blog by sugarberrysims Home. rayscho: More selfie poses! TUTORIAL ON HOW TO CONVERT SIMS 4 HAIRS TO SIMS 3. artemissims: There you go guys! Sorry if its not very well made, the original Video was around 40 minutes long and I had to speed it up sims 3 selfie mod

Apr 02, 2018 Hi everyone! 1) Im looking for some mods, with you can make better selfies. Im thinking bigger areas to show some nipples, etc. I cant find any working override. 2) Maybe theres a mod, with you can make nude mirror photos? 3) Is it possible, to make this override for myself without too much work?

Created for: The Sims 4 Model poses 15 Pose pack Including 24 poses With chair (needed Teleporter) All in one CAS Cheeful trait (16 normal poses) You will NEED the Pose Player by Andrew's Studio: The Sims Sims 2 Gta 5 Sims 3 Cc Clothes Sims 3 Makeup Sims 3 Cc Finds Sims 4 Pets Sims Games Sims 3 Mods sulsulpixels: Jills Selfie Poses all poselist 13 Poses dog poses are not mine and not included dont reupload! dont use them as bases! ! sims 3 selfie mod Mar 07, 2014  During this years Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres broke Twitters Retweet record when she posted a star studded celebrity selfie. The Sims team wasted no time responding, and did so with a simified version of her photo. Check out the Selfie seen around the world featuring The Sims 3: If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo [

If your sim refuse to send the naked selfie, the fastest way is to have your sim kinky woohoo with the target sim (either anal, vaginal or oral), the mod will check if your sim at least has some relationship with the target and check if the two sims have any kinky woohoo interaction, if so the photo will be accepted. sims 3 selfie mod Sep 25, 2016 Sul Sul Simheads. Here is a sneak peak at my Selfie Pose Pack V. 1. I will show you the 10 poses in the pack as well as show you how to set up the Sim Teleporter Staue& how I get the perfect Jan 17, 2018 Sims 3 CC Poses that i like and others may like: ). See more ideas about Sims 3, Sims and Poses. Sign in to Mod The Sims. Remember Me? Don't have an account? Register now. If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. Log in. Site Map WCIF selfie overrides? Anybody know any override selfie poses for adults? I'm just tired to see always the same poses when a sim takes selfie. Is there a mod that unlocks the selfie so that my sims don't have to become jocks to use it? Is there a mod that unlocks the selfie so that my sims don't have to become jocks to use it? The Sims Forums. White Sign In Selfie Mod. GoldenBuffy Posts: 3, 931 Member.

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